Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra - America the Beautiful

From a live performance at the 2nd Annual Roseville Jazz Festival in Roseville, California. This performance was Sunday night, May 26, 2019, and was the final session of the two-day event. America The Beautiful was arranged by Dale Devoe. This performance was also broadcast on Capital Public Radio. 

The Trashman Cometh

Here is a brand new take on the Jennifer Leitham bass feature with the Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra. Leitham wrote this piece in the late 1990s as an homage to a monetary supporter of her recordings. She explains the purpose of the composition, thanks the arranger Scott Whitfield, and sets the tone for the band.

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This performance of Malagueña includes commentary by Mike Vax from a clinic on May 25, 2019. During the clinic, Mike discussed the massive sound and lower octave instrumentation of the Stan Kenton Orchestra, as well as the primary purpose of the Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra (respecting Stan's commitment to music education) and the experience students receive from hearing the band for the first time. The performance was the final selection from the closing concert at the Roseville Jazz Festival on from May 26, 2019. Musicians featured in this performance include Dale Devoe, Rick Condit and Dennis Noday. The band is conducted by Joel Kaye.