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April & May 2020 - From the Midwest to Texas

There is no experience in the world like hearing a big band, and no band in the world sounds like the Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra! Open Dates for the Kenton Band Still Remain - But Hurry!

New Music and Familiar Voicings in the Stan Kenton Style

Students, their parents AND their grandparents all deserve a chance to hear the majestic Kenton band sound. A special treat - Ride with the Band!

Make your plans now to attend a concert - and if you are able, please donate to our continuing mission to keep big band music alive!

Friends of Big Band Jazz is a 501 c 3 non profit that funds the bands performances and charitable giving to schools and music events benefiting communities and students. Donate Now!

Support The Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra

Hear the Kenton Legacy Orchestra in 2020

Your Support Matters Today for Students Across the Midwest

The Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra will tour again in 2020 and needs your help. As many of you know, 95% of all our engagements are in high schools and colleges, in keeping with Stan’s commitment to jazz education.  These days, schools just can’t afford to bring in a big band such as ours, but they would LOVE to have us in to work with their students. 

Any school that books the band for an evening concert gets a FREE afternoon clinic from the whole band.  We also have their school band open for us at the concert. So, once again we are asking for your support to make our 2020 Midwest tour a success.  Our tour dates are set for Spring 2020.  With your help, we can make the band even more available financially for these schools.  

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Barnstorm with the SKLO - Ride on the Bus!


For the past 15 years, when the Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra tours, we have had fans travel on the bus with us. They ride the bus, stay in the same hotels as the band, eat some meals with the band and attend all the clinics and concerts. Many who have joined us have said that it was one of the great experiences of their life.  

Anyone can travel for the whole tour or pick a series of days during the tour to meet up with the bus.  

There is a reasonable daily fee which includes everything described above.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information.


Live Performances by the SKLO Change Lives

Here's  the story of one person whose life was greatly impacted by hearing the Stan Kenton Orchestra in 1972, and why donating to FBBJ/Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra is so important to our children and grandchildren. They deserve to hear the Kenton band. 

Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra - In Performance at Roseville,

From the Roseville Jazz Festival - Jennifer Leitham performs her composition "The Trashman Cometh" with the Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra from May 26, 2019. You can support the band with a donation of any amount using the button above on this page.